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We Can't Stay Together for the Dogs: Doing What's Best for Your Dog When Your Relationship Breaks Up



Almost half of the vast number of divorces each year involve dogs, who are more than just "animals" these days.  Couples are struggling to do what is right for their beloved dogs, while making one of life's most difficult decisions.  We Can't Stay Together for the Dogs answers their plight by leading them in choosing dog-friendly solutions and compromises.  By integrating training tips and success stories into the text, this self-help guide shows that a dog-friendly divorce or break-up is not only possible, it is the only way to treat our best friends.  As the first book on the subject of dogs and divorce or dogs and break-ups it features simple step-by-step directions, and offers a dog-centric point of view that men and women alike will appreciate.


Written by professional dog trainer and "single-again", Jennifer Keene, We Can't Stay Together for the Dogs makes use of personal stories, expert opinions, checklists and humor to guide couples through divorcing (or breaking up) with dogs without treating them like property and while maintaining the unique human canine bond.

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